PBUS System

PBUS Components

Information of currents and voltages you get with the active shunts SHC and/or SHL. To get the level information of your tank sensors into the PBUS network you need the interface CMT. It receives all the information, supplies the sensors and provides this informations to the system network. All adjustments needed as type of sensor, capacity of the tank, alarm thresholds etc. will be done by the system monitor PSM. You can connect up to four tanks (with different characteristics) to the CMT. As remote battery switch with deep discharge and overvoltage protection you can use the FBC 265. AC-data you get from the interface CMW. It transfers the data from the ACW3-interface to the PBUS. The switch-over units LAU provide AC-data for the PBUS too. You can find these units here: "Shore power//Switch over units for several sources".

While configurating a PBUS system, please take care to order also needed cables.



P-BUS AC-interface for Din rail assembly for measuring of a single AC Phase 230V / 50Hz. the connection by screw terminals. Connection to the P-BUS via a M12 t-cable, which is part of delivery. Current range 16 A (int. shunt) 100 A (via external converter WAC) Dimensions L 76 x W 53 x H 46 mm



CAV Order-no.: 071000230


WAC 100


Current transformer max. 100 A suitable for AC-interface CAV Dimensions L 35 x W 35 x t 15 mm



WAC 100 Order-no.: 071004626




If you want to see your P-BUS data not only on the System Monitor PSM, but also on the chart plotter or
other NMEA2000® compatible devices you need a NMEA2000® Bridge, which converts the data accordingly.
Following PGN are supported:

PGN 127501, PGN 127505, PGN 127506, PGN 127508, PGN 127744, PGN127747, PGN 127750.

Please check, which PGN can be displayed actually, because this depends on the manufacturer and Software revision. Delivery includes a M12-T-cable. Power supply via the NMEA2000® - network.


Dimensions                 L 107 x W 85 x H 40 mm

CBN Order-no.: 071000020

Info Manual



If you got a Mastervolt lithium battery or a Mastervolt inverter / charger combination you need the CMB bridge in order to display the data on the PSM. Also it`s possible to enter the Setup menu for the configuration from the PSM by using the CMB interface. Power supply via the Masterbus® network.

Dimensions H 66 x W 78 x D 32 mm



CMB Order-no.: 071000030

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You need the Xcom-CAn interface if you want to display the data of the Xtender - inverter / charger
combination. Also it`s possible to enter the setupmenu for the configuration from the PSM by using
the Xcom-CAn interface. Power supply via the Xtender - network. Dimensions L 113 x W 76 x H 25 mm



XCOM-CAN Order-no.: 700069042




The PSM system monitor is operated by a coloured TFT touch screen graphic display, with adjustable brightness, connected to the PBUS via a M12 cable.

  • Included in delivery are two terminator resistors M12 and a M12-T-adapter cable.

Type PSM-V is for the use with the switching interface CMR4. More information about this possibilities you can find under PBUS components.

Operation voltage: 8 - 60 V

Consumption: max. 110 mA, Stand-by: 5 mA/12V

Dimensions: L 105 x B 105 x H 35 mm

Cut out: 88 x 88 mm

PSM 2 Order-no.: 071002235

Info Manual


This sub monitor displays battery-, tank-, energy and temperature data as well as the current alarms. No settings are required for commissioning, since the monitor receives all the necessary data automatically via the P-BUS.

Prerequisite for the function of the PSS is an active PSM (software version 19A) or a PSM2 (software version 3A) which is connected to the PSS.

PSS Order-no.: 071002224

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P-BUS System Monitor PSM for displaying and operating the PBUS. 5“ intuitive full coloured TFT touch screen graphic display, with adjustable brightness. A M12-t-cable and both P-BUS terminator resistors are part of delivery. Operation voltage 8 - 32 V DC Consumption max. 200 mA, Dimensions W 157,5 x H 105 x D 35 mm



PSL Order-no.: 071002250


SHX 300


Active measuring shunt for direct connection to the PBUS. Precise detection of current, voltage of the connected battery. Terminal for second battery voltage (starter battery) and temperature sensor Temp-AL.Replacement model of SHC 312. Switching between SHC (battery management) and SHL (energy) function via system monitor PSM and PSM2Attention: requires software versionPSM2: 5K or higherPSM: 20A or higher


Rated current: 300 A, 600 A 1 min, 1500 A 0,5 s

Nominal voltage: 12 V , 24 V

Consumption: 20mA, Stand-by 5mA

Operation: voltage 8-32V

Current range: 10 mA - 1500 A

Dimensions: L 118 x W 40 x H 52 mm




SHX 300 Order-no.: 071000305

Info Manual

SHC 612


Active shunt connected via PBUS provides precise information of current, voltage and

capacity of the connected battery and a terminal for voltage measurement of an additional

(starter) battery. The electrically isolated PBUS interface also allows measurement of galvanicly isolated battery systems. Power supply via measuring cable. The SHC 612 shunt has to be placed in the negative line of the battery. Connection bolts M16.

The SHC612 has a M12 - cable for connection to the PBUS.



Rated current 600 A, 800 A 5 min, 2500 A 5 s

Nominal voltage 12 V , 24 V, 36 V, 48 V

Consumption 6 mA, Stand-by 2 mA @ 12V

Operation 8 - 60 V

Current range 10 mA - 2500 A

Dimensions L 185 x W 44 x H 68 mm

SHC 612 Order-no.: 071000612

Info Manual



Interface for the PBUS for the measurement of up to 4 tank sensors. Connection by

plug-in screw terminals.


Incl. M12 T-adapter.



Dimensions: L 111 x W 90 x H 40 mm

CMT2 Order-no.: 071000401

Info Manual



Interface for 4 temperature sensors. Connection via pluggable screw terminals. A M12-t-cable is included in delivery.



TPC 4 Order-no.: 071000104




Temperature sensor for temperature Monitor tPM5 and temperature interface tPC 4. ntC-sensing element, encapsulated in a brass cable lug. Hole Ø 4 mm, cable length 32 cm. Application: temperature measuring between +30°C and +250°C



Temp-HT Order-no.: 059003300


FBC 265


The remote battery switch FBC 265 enables a comfortable remote ON-/OFF- switching of the DC-network or single consumers from each place on board. The operation can be done via the system monitor PSM or an external push button.

Manual operation is possible directly on the relay (red and yellow push button) if a failure occurs.


Incl. M12-T-connection cable.



Voltage range 8 - 30 V

Current rating: 260 A @ 20°C, 95 mm² cross section

Intermittent / cranking rating: 400A /5s 1500A / 0,2s

Own power consumption: PBUS (PSM) off: 2,3mA @ 13V; 3,5mA @ 26V

                                     PBUS (PSM) on: 7,5mA @ 13V; 8,5mA @ 26V

Terminals: M8

Protection: IP 20

Dimensions: L 111 x W 90 x H 60 mm

FBC 265 Order-no.: 083022750

Info Manual

FBC 265 Bipolar

FBC265Bipolar FBC bi

Bipolar version of the remote battery main switch FBC. Manual emergency operation directly at the relay possible. A M12-t-cable is part of delivery. Rated voltage 12 + 24 V DC rated current 2x 260 A



FBC 265 Bipolar Order-no.: 083022755




Interface for the operation of an external battery main switch 500A FBR 500-12 or FBR 500-24 with adjustable deep discharge and overvoltage protection. operation via an external push button and/or P-BUS (PSM).
All adjustments can be set in the PSM. A M12-T-cable is part of delivery.

The relay FBR 500-12 / 24 has to be ordered separately!


TSC Order-no.: 083020000

Info Manual



Switching interface incl. 4 monostable relays (10 A nominal rating). integrated time base for the system clock.

  • 4 potential free relay outputs with fuseholder for a fuse / circuit breaker
  • 4 operation inputs for direct switching at the interface
  • 4 PWM-outputs for the dimming function (open-collector and 8V voltage signal )

Connection by screw terminals. M12-t-cable included in delivery..

Dimensions :         L 115 x W 105 x H 50 mm

CMR4 Order-no.: 071000044

Info Manual

RDS 0-(1)


Remote control push button 0-(1) with LED state indicator for the remote battery switches FBC 260 and VCR 190. Rated current 100 mA, green LED without resistor.

RDS 0-(1) Order-no.: 600020010

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M12 RJ45 T-Adapter M12-T-Adapter


M12-RJ45 T-ADAPTER Order-no.: 504111150

M12-T-Adapter Order-no.: 504111159

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M12 (NMEA2000)-T-piece

M12-T-piece Order-no.: 504111149


M12 Terminating resistor

M12-Abschlusswiderstand weiblich M12 männlich

M12-(NMEA2000) Terminator resistor male

M12-TERM MALE Order-no.: 504111151

M12-TERM FEMALE Order-no.: 504111156

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M12-PBUS-Kabel 5m M12-PBUS-Kabel 2m M12-PBUS-Kabel 1m M12-PBUS-Kabel 10m M12-PBUS-Kabel 0 5m M12

M12- (NMEA2000) cable 0,5m/1m, 2m, 5m, 10m

M12-Cable 0,5 M Order-no.: 504111158

M12-Cable 5M Order-no.: 504111154

M12-Cable 2M Order-no.: 504111153

M12-Cable 1M Order-no.: 504111152

M12-Kabel 10m Order-no.: 504111157

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