The installation of high-current components such as main switches and fuses is a space- and time-consuming task, as the connection of the individual components can often only be made with flexible cables due to mechanical differences. Our newly developed main distribution system saves an enormous amount of space, time and money. It also increases safety, as all connections are interconnected via matching copper joiner.

Further system expansion

By combining several components, a compact main power distribution system can be set up for the starter and consumer battery, which can also be supplemented with an emergency switch for starting the engine via the consumer battery. Alternatively, a charging relay can be used. Mechanical or remote-controlled main switches (FBA / TSA / FBC) can be used. Fuse blocks can be fitted to the main switch outputs to protect the main lines. Small fuse blocks can be added on the side to protect continuous positive consumers. The connection is made with the appropriate connection joiner.

Left picture: Main distribution for 2-pole fuse protection with manual main switch
Picture middle: Remote-controlled main switch for dual engine system and charging relay
Picture right: Remote-controllable main switch for starter and consumer battery with manual emergency parallel switch.
Fuse protection for small consumers and high-current consumers via bolt fuses.

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