Fischer Panda:

Fischer Panda supplies energy systems from a single source and serves its customers individually and around the clock with mobile electricity. This means that you can enjoy electricity on the road at any time, just like at home. Here, forward-looking technologies are used for the most environmentally friendly energy consumption possible.


Great technology in a small space: Berker Integro is the perfect solution for all installation locations where conventional switches and socket outlets are too large. Philippi has an extensive stock available for your installation project.

Berker Integro 1

Mastervolt has the right systems and components for ships, vehicles, market stalls, TV crews, mobile homes or mobile health stations to have self-sufficient energy available everywhere. Mastervolt products can be connected to systems.


The individual setting options and possible event control makes it possible to build professional systems for 24/7 use.  Mastervolt products can be controlled with P-Bus displays from Philippi. Philippi can support you with system design and commissioning.



Mass Combi

Bluesea switches, fuses and power distribution products are among the highest quality products for building power distribution systems on marine vessels. There are many similar products on the market today, but few products that are consistently built for durability saltwater corrosion resistance and optimal power transmission. For power distribution, Bluesea uses tinned copper and does not use lower cost brass or stainless steel.


Bluesea Hauptschalter

Studer Innotec SA a company from Switzerland is today on the market a world leading inverter manufacturer for off-grid locations. Studer devices are extremely robust and easy to install and commission. Studer systems allow remote maintenance and can be networked with Philippi systems and industrial products.


PRO CAR - manufacturer of 12-24 volt plugs and connectors, USB charging technology and heating fabric for car, caravan, caravan, truck, boat, motorhome. Pro Car stands for high quality and innovation for example in the development of USB-C products.


KISSLING is a leading supplier of high power and high voltage relays and switches for the automotive, aerospace and special vehicles sectors


E-T-A is the world market leader for equipment circuit breakers and circuit breakers and offers the world's largest product range in the areas of: Overcurrent protection, power distribution, circuit breakers, power and solid state relays and complete intelligent systems.


In combination with the Balmar charge controller, you get a contemporary charge of your on-board batteries, also with regard to lithium battery systems.