Are you planning to build a new boat? Maybe just remake the one you have? When it comes to planning electrical wiring allow us to be your guide! We have decades of experience on electrical systems aboard yachts and sporting boats. With our extensive variety of products, we are sure to simplify all your electrical needs. You can be sure to recieve complete systems (plan & components) with the guarantee that all parts recieved fit with one another.

Since we work hand in hand with working crews of the boating industry, our products remain up-to date including construction standards and laws. The following pages reveal a few of our projects. A central part of this planning is the production of special, individual switchgear.

For example, switch panels for a current supply of 12V/24V or a system voltage of AC 230V/400V. Engine panels, switch plates for external areas and for larger 230V systems, we plan and produce complete control boxes. Based on the technic of our power distribution panels and shore connection units, the diagram presents a special version of switch gear as well as instrument panels for external readings. The circuitry is labelled through a process of screen printing, illuminated letters, or self adhesive labels. It is possible to print the outline of a customers vessel on the electronic monitor panel.

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TIL / TIL #2

TIL / TIL #2

The tank interface TIL adapts the signals from two fresh water and one waste water prong probe to the battery tank monitor BTM (included).


The tank interface TIL #2 is additionally required if two waste water tanks are installed on board the Bavaria.


Operation Voltage: 10-32V DC

Power consumption: 10 mA

Dimensions: W 130 x H 80 x D 42 mm



TIL Order-no.: 080001550

TIL #2 Order-no.: 080001552




20 power circuits with termal circuit breakers 10 A, monitor BTM or PSM2, 1 DC and 1 dual USB charging socket, 2 switches for navigation lights.

Pre-assembled cable harness with multi-connector and acessories.


Shunt SHE / P-BUS components have to be ordered separately!


Dimension Panel : W 265 x H 210 x D 70 mm




BAV 301 REFIT BTM (inkl. TIL) Order-no.: 030183011

BAV 301 REFIT PSM2 Order-no.: 030183013