Tank Sensors

To monitor the levels of all tanks on board the high resolution sensor series TGT/TGW are the first choice. The tank sensors are constructed for vertical installation in water and fuel tanks. It is possible to mount it in the flanges permitting its remotion at any time for inspection purposes.

  • The sensors have reed contacts each 16 mm giving a very high resolution over the entire field instead of common simple systems with few contacts only.
  • The advantage against the normal sensors is the space saving and the dependable display
  • The electronics is galvanic insulated from the housing. This is important to avoid galvanic corrosion.


UTI Unviersal

Zum Anschluss der Tanksonden TDS, TDW, TDT an analoge Rundinstrumente mit Spannungs- bzw. Widerstandseingang wird das Interface UTI benötigt. Es wandelt das 4 – 20 mA Signal der Tanksonde in ein Spannungs- (0,5 – 2,5 V) bzw. Widerstandssignal (10 – 180 Ω) um.


Folgende Tankgebersysteme können angeschlossen werden:

  • Tankgeber mit Widerstandssignal 10 – 180 Ω bzw. 240 – 33 Ω
  • Tankgeber mit Spannungsausgang 0 – 10 V
  • Tankgeber mit Stromsignal 4 – 20 mA


Folgende Messinstrumente können angeschlossen werden:

  • Instrumente mit Widerstandseingang 10 – 180 Ω bzw. 240 – 33 Ω
  • Instrumente mit Spannungseingang

UTI Order-no.: 080001500



TGW200 TGW600 TGW700 TGW500 TGW400 TGW300 TGW250 TGW350 TGW800 TGW450 TGW

Immersion tube for water with gasket and flange for water


TypeRequired switching pointsMin. tank depth
TGW 2007185 mm
TGW 25010235 mm
TGW 30013285 mm
TGW 35016335 mm
TGW 40019385 mm
TGW 45023435 mm
TGW 50026485 mm
TGW 60032585 mm
TGW 70038685 mm
TGW 80044785 mm


Flange and gasket are included in delivery!



TGW200 -- 185 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117091

TGW600 -- 585 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117097

TGW700 -- 685 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117098

TGW500 -- 485 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117096

TGW400 -- 385 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117095

TGW300 -- 285 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117093

TGW250 -- 235 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117092

TGW350 -- 335 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117094

TGW800 -- 785 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117099

TGW450 -- 435 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117104

Info Manual


TGT200 TGT800 TGT250 TGT300 TGT350 TGT400 TGT600 TGT500 TGT700 TGT450 TGT900 TGT

Immersion tube with gasket and flange for fuel



TGT200 -- 185 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117080

TGT250 -- 235 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117081

TGT300 -- 285 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117082

TGT350 -- 335 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117083

TGT400 -- 385 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117084

TGT450 -- 435 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117103

TGT500 -- 485 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117085

TGT600 -- 585 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117086

TGT700 -- 685 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117087

TGT800 -- 785 mm min. tank depth Order-no.: 660117088

TGT900 Order-no.: 660117089

Info Manual

Rundinstrumente für TGT- / TGW-Sensor


Tank gauges for the operation at 12V DC, gauge matching the sensors of the series TGT.



Operation at 24V DC requires a resistor "Rturo" Order-No.: 2 0800 2000

FUEL 52 Order-no.: 207780541

WATER 52 Order-no.: 207780601




Cover cap to close the tank during maintenance.

TRV Order-no.: 660119000


Pressure transmitter TDT


The pressure transmitter is used to measure the absolute and overpressure of gases, vapors and liquids.

TDT-10-250 Order-no.: 660200250




Flow sensor for fresh water used for models TCM2 and TCM 4. Flow measurement quantity 1-15 l/min, max 25bar. Flange for water tube 10 - 12 mm.

Electrical connection by plug-in connector with screw terminals.

DFS Order-no.: 700030324

DFF 1/2" Order-no.: 700039002

Info Manual

Float Lever DSW; RSW



Float lever for installation on the side of tanks for sensoring of the level. Depending on the installation position the switch opens or closes if the inside level rises or falls. Housing -material Polyamid black suitable for oil or diesel.

  • Max. switching current: 0,5 A. installation from inside to outside.


Same function as float lever RSW. the DSW can be installed from outside without installing a counternut from inside. Mounting hole: ø 22 - 24 mm. Gasket 12 mm wide for wall thickness of max. 5 mm. only able to take small filling pressure.

  • Max. switching current: 0,5 A. installation from outside!

RSW Order-no.: 089300008

DSW Order-no.: 089300019


Gobius 4 waste


That´s the solution without drilling a hole in the tank!

The filling level is determined by 3 acoustic sensors, which are placed at the outside wall of the tank. Each sensor recognises in an acoustical way if there`s liquid behind the tank wall. The filling level will be shown in 4 steps: 0%, 33%, 66% and 100%. The installation is easy: the 3 tank sensors will be fixed sideways to the tank with a special tape. Thereby no hole has to be drilled and also the sensors can`t get dirty - they`re not in touch with the liquid.

There are two types of sensors:

The model „Gobius 4 Waste“ is made especially for waste water tanks, 
The model „Gobius 4“ is designed for water and fuel.

Suits all tank materials:

  • Steel / Stainless steel Wall thickness 1-3 mm
  • Aluminium Wall thickness 2-5 mm
  • Plastic (Polyethylen) Wall thickness 2-10 mm
  • Glass fibre Wall thickness 4-8 mm

The filling level will be shown on a small panel with 4 control LEDs. Parallel the level can be shown on analog gauges as well (10 - 180 Ω or 240 - 33 Ω).

Gobius 4 waste Order-no.: 700970442

Gobius 4 Order-no.: 700970497

Info Manual



Ultrasonic sensor UTV for analog gauges and digital tankmonitors

Suitable for water-, fuel-, greywater aand waste water tanks



Voltage range 10 – 30 V

Power consumption 50 mA

Output signal 0,5 V (empty) - 2,5 V(full)

Turn on delay 2 - 3 s (first measurement)

Averaging time 20 s

Temperature range -40°C to 85°C




the height above the tank surface amounts 25mm

Diameter: 69mm

Hole diameter min. 36mm

UTV 20 -- Tank depth 200 mm Order-no.: 702193520

UTV 25 -- Tank depth 250 mm Order-no.: 702193525

UTV 30 -- Tank depth 300 mm Order-no.: 702193530

UTV 35 -- Tank depth 350 mm Order-no.: 702193535

UTV 40 -- Tank depth 400 mm Order-no.: 702193540

UTV 45 -- Tank depth 450 mm Order-no.: 702193545

UTV 50 -- Tank depth 500 mm Order-no.: 702193550

UTV 60 -- Tank depth 600 mm Order-no.: 702193560

UTV 70 -- Tank depth 700 mm Order-no.: 702193570

UTV 80 -- Tank depth 800 mm Order-no.: 702193580

Info Manual

UFT 40 / UFT 80


Focus tube (without sensor) for sensors UTV, UTN and UTR.



Length 400 or 800 mm (you can cut the tube to your desired length)

5 mounting holes in the pitch diameter of 53 mm

Hole diameter min. 41 mm

UFT 40 Order-no.: 702199400

UFT 80 Order-no.: 702199800



Tank sensor for waste water tank with indication of 3/4 level of the tank. Full indication on 80 mm before reaching the upper level. Matching for tankdepths from 200 to 400 mm. The minimum depth acceptable is 120 mm. Delivery with flange gasket.

Designed for use with our alarm panel FAF with optical and acoustical alarm.

TRS130 Order-no.: 660117102




Monitor panel for waste water tank with optical and acoustic alarm. The sound alarm is acknowledgeable by a push button. Suitable for sensor type TRS 130 and RSW.

Dimensions: B 105 x H 52,5 x T 50 mm

FAF -12V Order-no.: 028011020

FAF -24V Order-no.: 028021020

Info Manual