Position Light Monitor

Up to six navigation lights can be connected to the new designed position light monitor POS 6. Either LED positions lanterns or classic bulb laterns can be monitored of their regular function. The failure of a lantern will be announced by an acoustic and an optical alarm, which can be acknowledged. Further the relating diode will be blinking on the display. The position light monitor POS 6 can be added to all existing installations.


POS6 / POS 6

For installation of an individual navigation lights monitor with separate electronic incl. an alarm


Working navigation lights at night are an essential safety requirement for every boat. Up to six navigation lights (port-, starboard-, stern-, steaming-, anchor- and tricolour- light) can be connected to and monitored by the position light monitor POS6. The electronic supervises the circuits and recognises each failure of a bulb or LED or the break of the cables.  Each navigation light will be shown by a relating control LED on the panel. The failure of a lantern will be announced by an optical and an acoustic alarm, which can be acknowledged. The relating diode will be blinking on the display.  Both normal bulbs and LED lights can be supervised, even mixed. Existing equipment can be upgraded easily with a navigation light control electronic POS 6. If more than 6 lights have to be supervised you can install several POS 6 modules parallel.


Rated voltage:                         DC 10-30 V

Channels:                                6 with alarm

Max. power:                            3 A each outlet        

Breaking capacity:                   0,2 -36 W/12 V                                                 

                                              0,5 - 72 W/24 V

Switch level:                            10 mA

Voltage drop:                           max. 0,1 V (3 A)

Own consumption:                   10 - 20 mA

Dimensions:                            W88 x H126 x D27 mm




POS 6 Order-no.: 080006060

Info Manual


POS6E / POS / POS 6 / POS6

Replacement electronic for hardware update of older POS-SY panels with navigation lights monitor for the use with LED - lanterns. Incl. acoustic alarm & control-LEDs.

Easy to replace by changing of the complete module!

POS 6 E Order-no.: 080006061

Info Manual

AS 100

AS100-12V AS100-24V AS100 AS

External Buzzer

Volume 75 dB/1 m
Dimensions  Ø 27 x 18 mm

AS 100-12V Order-no.: 603604320

AS 100-24 Order-no.: 603604340