Deep discharge protection

The deep discharge protection TSA gives an acoustic warning when the battery voltage reaches the limit and 50 seconds later it turns-off the consumers to avoid the dangerous deep discharge of a the battery. The reconnection takes place automatically at 12.5V/25V. The extremely low power consumption is not an additional load on the battery. It is made to be used in conjunction with the control panel FB-TSA for remote control.

Dangerous deep discharging of a battery

When a battery is discharged, sulphating occurs in the electrodes and with so called deep discharging, an irreversible loss of capacity will take place. This is due the crystallization of materials around the electrodes. It also increase the risk of micro-short-circuits that self discharges the battery. Deep discharging must be prevented in any case in order to avoid the premature failure of the batteries. The deep discharging protector saves the batteries before a dangerous situation by disabling the consumer upon reaching the lower voltage limit. The reconnection is done automatically when the batteries are charged again.

TSD 40


Two stage deep discharge protection for optimal protection of your batteries

The remote controllable battery main switch protects the batteries from deep discharge damage. Usually the deep discharge devices switch off all connected devices at once. With the two stage deep discharge protection you can operate important / safety relevant loads, while luxury loads will be switched off in a first stage when the battery voltage drops. Before the loads will be switched off, an acoustical alarm occurs. The reconnection takes place automatically at 12.5 V/25V.

An energy management function can be activated, what means, that certain loads like an additional cooling box, a heating device or boiler will be activated only while the engine is running or a solar panel delivers enough energy, that the voltage rises above 13V.By using the remote control panel FB-TSA you can control both outputs and they can be manually activated for a short period in case of an emergency.


Rated voltage12 / 24 V DC, adjustable via DIP switches
Current capacityeach channel (2) max. 40 A
Switch off voltage Rel.1* 11.8 / 12.0 / 12.2 / 13 V @300 s
Switch off voltage Rel.2*10.8 / 11.2 V @50 s
Switch on voltage*12.5 V
Consumption 1.3 mA / 12 V, 2 mA / 24 V
Connection Screw terminals, max. 10 mm2
DimensionsL 130 x W 80 x H 42 mm

* for 24V: double voltage values!

TSD 40 Order-no.: 080001240

Info Manual



Remote control panel for the TSD 40. Loads up to 40A can be switched on/off via this remote control panel and the TSD 40. The control-LED shows the operational mode of the TSA-FB.

This device cannot be used for the TSA 265!

DimensionsW 105 x H 52,5 x D 40 mm

FB-TSA Order-no.: 080009126


TSA 265

TSA265-12 TSA265-24 TSA265 TSA

Remote battery switch plus deep discharge and over-voltage protection. Saves the battery by deep discharge of connected consumers. External control via switch 0-1 and LED state indicator or by remote control panel FAR or RCS 0-1 (see under "Remote battery switch"). 

Important: in case of an emergency you can switch the relay manually!

TSA 265 12VTSA 265 24V
Undervoltage open 300 s11,2 V DC22,4 V DC
Reconnect combine 10 s 12,5 V DC 25,0 V DC
Overvoltage open 60 s15,6 V DC  31,2 V DC
Consumption1,3mA 2mA
Consumption Stand by1,5 mA @ 13 V3 mA @ 26 V
DimensionsL 111 x W 90 x H 60 mmL 111 x W 90 x H 60 mm




TSA 265-12 Order-no.: 083012655

TSA 265-24 Order-no.: 083022655


CG 4 A 200


Remote control switch for the main switch (FBH), and protective circuit TS 1073. Key is in any position removable.

CG 4 A 200: Key operated switch (0-1) for remote control of protective switch TS 1073 .

CG 4 A 214: Key operated button (1)-0-(2) for remote control of main switch FBH.

Mounting hole 22 mm, Rated current 10A

CG 4 A 200 Order-no.: 740042001