Remote battery switch

FBR 265


Microprocessor controlled remote battery switch. External control via switch 0-1 and LED state indicator, or remote control panel FAR.

Important: in case of an emergency you can switch the relay manually!



Dimensions : Terminal L 111 x W 90 x H 60 mm, M8 



FBR 265 Order-no.: 083022650

Info Manual

FBR 500

FBR500-12 FBR500-24 FBR00 FBR

Bi-stabile magnetic latching remote battery switch allows high-amp switching under load

manually or from remote locations. Protection IP66

Remote switch included.

Matching plate for remote switch: Panel 711-4L, order. no. 0 2990 7111

(please order separately)

Nominal voltage 12 V or 24 V

Nominal current: 500 A @ 20°C, 95 mm²

Peak current: 2500A / 5s

Supply current: 0mA

Terminals: M10

Dimensions: W 139 x H 95 x D 53 mm

FBR 500-12 Order-no.: 700107700

FBR 500-24 Order-no.: 700107702



Remote control panel for TSA 265, FBR 265, TSR.



Dimensions: W 105 x H 52,5 x D 40 mm

FAR Order-no.: 080009127




Remote control switch (0-1) with LED state indicator for remote control main switch FBR 265 and TSA 265.

Matching mounting panel: Panel 711-4L Order-No.: 0 2990 7111 (please order separately)


RCS 0-1 Order-no.: 700102155


CG 4 A 200

CG4A200 CG CG4

Key operated switch(0-1) for remote control of FBR 265 and TSA 265.

The key can be withdrawn in zero position.



Mounting hole Ø 22 mm, rated current 10 A

CG 4 A 200 Order-no.: 640042001