Fuses and accessories

The protection of electrical installations is one of the most important points of interest when dealing with security on board.


In accordance with the European Standard (EN ISO 10133) a description of electrical DC installation is given. An important point deals with the well known fuse protection of individual switch panel leads and all direct battery leads. One concept effectivly places a main fuse as close as possible to battery. The large leads from the battery are capable of letting high voltage currents through during a short circuit. This flow of energy between battery and leads can result in overheating and eventually a fire! Even a starter battery stores enough energy to cause a fire to build in a yacht. That is why the main leads of a battery should not be too far from the next mechanically protected fuse. The diagram shows the concept of fuse protection to direct battery arrangments.

Every outgoing lead to switch panel, charger, windlass, instruments, heater, etc. must be fuse protected at every cross-section. For example: If a switch panel recieves a lead with a 16 qmm, as shown on the diagram, it is to be connected to a 50 A fuse. Smaller leads are connected to the fuses on the switch panel and are therefore not to be considered during the connection of outgoing lead fuses. The battery main fuse switch is placed close to the battery to cut-off on board supply. Users such as bilge pumps, alarms, navigation instruments are connected directly to battery to prevent accidental cut off. These cross sections however, are also fuse protected. To protect these cross sections, ETA circuit breakers are suggested or as an alternative, a strip fuse may be set in.

MPE 120


Mounting panel for 2 circuit breakers series 2-5700, 413, 4130.
Circuit breakers have to be ordered separately!

MPE 120 Order-no.: 028004500



2-5700 25700 257

Single pole thermal circuit breaker with press-to-reset, failsafe, trip-free, snap action mechanism. For panel mounting l 10 mm. Protection caps (optional) particularly suited for high humidity and other damp conditions.

Rated voltage DC 28 V, AC 250 V. Current ratings 6...25 A.

2-5700-IG1-K10-DD-06A Order-no.: 125700006

2-5700-IG1-K10-DD-08A Order-no.: 125700008

2-5700-IG1-K10-DD-10A Order-no.: 125700010

2-5700-IG1-K10-DD-12A Order-no.: 125700012

2-5700-IG1-K10-DD-16A Order-no.: 125700016

2-5700-IG1-K10-DD-20A Order-no.: 125700020

2-5700-IG1-K10-DD-25A Order-no.: 125700025



413-K54-N2-30A 413-K54-N2-40A 413-K54-N2-50A 413-K54-N2-60A 413-K54-N2-70A 413 413-K54

Single pole high performance thermal circuit breaker with failsafe, trip-free, snap action machanism and push/pull on/off manual function. An indicator band on the push button clearly shows the off position. Fitting hole l 12,5 mm.

Rated voltage DC 28 V, AC 115 V. Current ratings 30...70 A.

413-K54-N2-30A Order-no.: 104130030

413-K54-N2-40A Order-no.: 104130040

413-K54-N2-50A Order-no.: 104130050

413-K54-N2-60A Order-no.: 104130060

413-K54-N2-70A Order-no.: 104130070



1140-G111-P1M1-10A 1140-G111

Miniaturised single pole thermal circuit breaker with push-to-reset failsafe, trip-free, snap on mechanism (R-type TO CBE to EN 60934). Panel mounting. Fitting hole l12 mm.

Rated voltage DC 28 V, AC 250 V. Current ratings 10...16 A

Width 11 mm.

1140-G111-P1M1-10A Order-no.: 111410010

1140-G111-P1M1-16A Order-no.: 111410016



4130-G211-K4M1-30A 4130-G211-K4M1 4130-G211 4130

Single pole thermal circuit breaker with an unstoppable release.

Fitting hole l 12 mm. Width of breaker: 18 mm

Rated voltage DC 28 V. Current ratings 30...70A

4130-G211-K4M1-30A Order-no.: 141300030

4130-G211-K4M1-40A Order-no.: 141300040

4130-G211-K4M1-50A Order-no.: 141300050

4130-G211-K4M1-60A Order-no.: 141300060

4130-G211-K4M1-70A Order-no.: 141300070


B017 / B006

B017 B006

Protection cap for watertight panel installation, IP 64.

B006: for series 413, 4130, IP 66.

B017: for series 2-5700, IP 64.


B017 Order-no.: 121073901

B006 Order-no.: 120080101


Header 16 for rail

Stecksockel16 16 Stecksockel

Terminal board for E-T-A 2-5200

Dimensions W 15 x H 38,5 x D 70 mm

Top head rail non perforated NS 35 x 7,5 mm Order-No.: 6 2080 1733

Header 16 for rail Order-no.: 100000016


FSS - Set


Set of 10 (3A/5A/7,5A/2x10A/15A/2x20A/25A/30A) different fuses in package.

FSS - Set Order-no.: 600600418




Fuseholder for circuit breaker or blade fuse to protect e.g. voltage measuring lines. Flat terminals 6,3 mm.

ASH 1 Order-no.: 600300341


ASH 6 / ASH 8


Plug in safe guard clamps for 6/8 circuit breakers

E-T-A 1610 or E-T-A 1170. Connection with flat terminals. Transparent cover is included.



Dimensions ASH 6: L 100 x W 44 x H 24 mm

Dimensions ASH 8: L 120 x W 44 x H 24 mm

ASH 6 Order-no.: 600100600

ASH 8 Order-no.: 600100590


SHF 150


The SafetyHub 150 is an ignition protected fuse block IP66 with screw termination.

It is safe for use on gasoline powered boats, reduces wiring connections, and consolidates up to ten fused circuits.

It can be used for primary or secondary DC power distribution.

4 MIDI fuses STM (25-125A) for high -amp circuits and 6 blade fuses FSS (1-25A) for low-amp circuits

Please order fuses separately!


Dimensions L165 x W 129 x H 48 mm

SHF 150 Order-no.: 700107748