Power Supply

Active charging relay

An active charging relay is used if you don`t want or cannot change the wiring to the alternator and you want to add a second battery group which has to be charged while the engine is running. The active charging relay detects if the alternator is running and the voltage rises and then it connects both battery groups together automatically. If the voltage drops under a certain threshold the batteries are separated automatically in order to prevent an unintentional discharging of the starter battery. Automatical metering and setup to 12 V- or 24 V operation mode.

ATD Automatic Timer Disconnect

BS 7615 / BS7615

Select from 4 methods to manage your batteries: Timer Disconnect, Low Voltage Disconnect, Automatic Charging Relay, or Solenoid

Timer Disconnect
• 12V signal triggers relay to connect battery power to devices
• When signal is removed the timer is activated and will disconnect devices after a preset time
• Timer ranges from 15 minutes to 4 hours
• Optional charge sense can be used instead of 12V signal to reduce wiring
• Test mode disconnects devices after 5 seconds to confirm relay and timer are operational Low Voltage Disconnect
• Senses low battery voltage and automatically disconnects devices to save power
• Adjustable voltage setting at 11.0V, 11.5V, or 12.0V
• Low voltage setting can be used in conjunction with timer disconnect
• Low voltage will disconnect devices prior to preset time to preserve battery power Automatic Charging Relay
• Automatically combines two battery banks for charging off a single charging source (i.e. alternator)
• Isolates batteries when charging source is not present or discharging
• Single side sensing design only monitors the voltage of the start battery
• Ideal for auxiliary batteries that are AGM or larger than the start battery Solenoid
• 12V signal will connect or disconnect relay without any time delay

Nominal Voltage 12V DC
Input Voltage Range 9.5–16V
Continuous Rating 120A
Intermittent Rating: 5 min. 210A
Amperage Operating Current (Combine) 175mA
Amperage Operating Current (Open) 4mA
Cable Size (to meet current ratings) 1 AWG (50mm²)
Maximum Cable Size 1/0 AWG (50mm²)
Terminal Stud Size 3/8"-16 (M10)
Terminal Stud Torque 140 in-lb (15.82Nm)
Time Range 15 Minutes – 4 Hours

BS 7615 Order-no.: 700107615


m-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect

BS 7635 / BS7635

Senses low battery voltage and disconnectsnon-critical loads, saving power to start engine

• Status light provides warning of low voltage state prior to disconnect
• Alarm output for audible warning of low voltage state prior todisconnect (optional alarm required)
• One-piece stainless flange nuts for safe and secure connections
• Remote Control Switch functions:
        - Adjusts disconnect voltage
        - Temporarily delays circuit disconnect for 10 minutes
        - Temporarily disconnects circuits until voltage rises
        - Silences alarm (optional alarm required)
• Retail package includes Remote Control Contura Switch 7928

Intermittent Rating:5 min. 115A
Continuous Rating 65A
Nominal Voltage 12V DC
Cable Size (to meet current ratings) 6 AWG (16mm²)
Terminal Stud Size1/4"-20 (M6)
Disconnect Voltage 11.3V–12.1V Adjustable
Reconnect Voltage 13V DC

BS 7635 Order-no.: 700107635


ML Solenoid - 12V / 24V DC 500A

BS 7701 / BS7701 / BS 7703 / BS7703

500A (12V / 24 V) magnetic latching solenoid provides switchingunder load where manual control is not required
• Silver alloy contacts provide highreliability for switching live loads
• LED output to remotely indicate switchstate - requires optional LED or Remote Control Contura Switch with integrated LED(included in retail package)
• 3/8"-16 tin-plated copper studs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance
• One-piece stainless flange nuts for safeand secure connections
• Label recesses for circuit identification
• Retail package includes Remote Control Contura Switch

BS 7701 Order-no.: 700107701

BS 7703 Order-no.: 700107703


L Solenoid - 12/24V DC 250A

BS 9012 / BS9012

250A switches are remotely activated  using a low amp switch and smaller gauge wire
• Continuous duty, SPST - Normally Open
• Hermetically sealed contacts
• Activated by a remote ON–OFF switch 8230 (sold separately)
• Coil control circuit minimizes heating and amperage draw

Operating Temperature –55°C to +85°C
Coil Circuit Connection 20 AWG Tinned Wire
Voltage Nominal 12/24V DC
Coil Function Normally Open
Operating Current Changing State: 3.6A
Operating Current Continuous: 0.13A @ 12V, 0.07A @ 24
Voltage Input 9V-36V DC
Mounting Screws #10 or M5
Mounting Screw Torque 15-35 in-lb (1.7-4 Nm)
Weight 0.9 lb (0.41 kg)
Continuous Rating 250A (1/0 AWG Cable in 50°C ambient)
Cranking Rating (30 sec.) 1000A (1/0 AWG Cable in 50°C ambient)
Voltage Maximum 800V DC

BS 9012 Order-no.: 700109012


RBS 348

RBS 348

DC Hochleistungsrelais in wasserdichter Ausführung des Kontaktraumes. Integrierte Löschdioden für Ansteuerspulen. Durch die Ausrüstung mit Blasmagneten sind Kontaktspannungen bis 250 V DC möglich.Bei den bistabilen Ausführungen erfolgt nach dem Betätigungsimpuls keine Stromaufnahme mehr durch die Magnetspule. Ansteuerung über einen Umtaster. Die Leistungsrelais sind in den DC Spulenspannungen 12 V, 24 V, auf Anfrage auch für höhere Spulen-Spannungen lieferbar.


Type RBS 348-12VRBS 348-24V
Nennspannung Spule DC 12V DC24V
Betriebsspannungsbereich Spule DC 9-16V
DC 18-32V
Abmessung LxBxH55 x 62 x 100 mm 

RBS 348-12V Order-no.: 602931113

RBS 348-24V Order-no.: 602931114