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Solar Charge Controller Vario Track

The solar charge controller Variotrack complies with the highest industrial standards, is very flexible and programmable and gives you thereby the most optimal power from your solar plant. if the Variotrack is connected to the batteries and the solar panels, it charges the batteries automatically and with the highest
efficiency of the available solar energy due to a clever algorithm, which searches the highest
possible working level (MPPT)

By using the most advanced technology the efficiency is at the highest level:                                           tracking & energy efficiency:> 99%
4-step charging is characteristic for a longer battery lifespan. 8 pre- defined standard
battery charging curves.

Completely configurable system:

   •   Comprehensive display, setup possibility and data protocols by using the remote control monitors rCC-        02/-03

   •   Compatible to all solar Systems

   •   Maximum utilisation together with a Xtender system and a synchronised battery management

VT 65 Order-no.: 700068065

VT 80 Order-no.: 700068080