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Electronic diode splitter

Electronic diode splitter to charge several battery groups. Case no current flows through the alternator, the mutual influence between batteries will be prevented. The electronic diode splitter is an improvement of the conventional battery isolator with a very low voltage drop MOS-FET-Technology during the charge operation. All disadvantages of voltage drop (0.7-1.0 V) and consequently power lost are eliminated and the batteries will be charged with maximal acceptable current.

Charging multiple battery systems


To charge two or more independent battery systems with an altenator, there must be a battery isolator or an electronic diode splitter present. The batteries are electronically split so that they don't discharge one another The batteries on board a vessel need an adequatly high charge voltage of about 14 V minimum for a sensible charge. Conventional battery isolators create a voltage drop of 0.7 V to 1.0 V causing the batteries to be charged with only 13 V. This results in the battery being only half full and a lower current difference, between battery isolator and battery, that will cause a lower charge current as well. The electronic diode splitter is the next step from the conventional battery isolator. Its electronic recognizes charge status and overrides the diodes.


For a better charge performance through the altenator, we recommend a voltage drop free battery isolator. Another possibility is to exchange the original regulator that raises the output voltage of the alternator to compensate voltage drop of the isolator. This concept only works with a few types of alternator and there is almost always tampering with the altenator involved.

MBI 150-2

MBI150-2 MBI

Electronic charge divider 150 amps Type MBI 150-2

Terminals M8

Dimensions L 146 x W 85 x H 95 mm

MBI 150-2 Order-no.: 700061502


MBI 150 / MBI 200

MBI150-3 MBI200-3 MBI

Electronic charge divider for 3 groups of batteries:

MBI 150-3: 1 input, 3 outlets, max 150 A

MBI 200-3: 1 input, 3 outlets, max 200 A

Terminals M8

Dimensions L 153 x W 147 x H 95 mm

MBI 150-3 Order-no.: 700061503

MBI 200-3 Order-no.: 700062003


MBI 2-100-3

MBI2-100-3 MBI

Electronic charge divider for 3 groups of batteries:

2 isolated inputs, 3 outlets, max 100 A, terminals M6



Dimensions L 153 x W 147 x H 95 mm

MBI 2-100-3 Order-no.: 700062103


TR 70

TR70-12V TR70-24V REL40-12V TR

Battery isolation relay for small battery systems and general application.



Coil 1,8 W

Current 50 (70) A

Connections Flat terminals 9,6 mm / 6,3 mm

Dimensions W 32 x L 29 x H 59 mm

TR 70-12 V Order-no.: 080007012

TR 70-24 V Order-no.: 080007024

REL 40-12 V Order-no.: 059992012


ACR 12/24

ACR12/24 ACR

Automatically switching solenoid depending on the voltage. Combines when the battery voltage has remained at the required voltage for at least 30 seconds. Disconnects when the voltage drops below the charging voltage to prevent accidental discharge of the battery bank. Combines automatically battery banks during the charging cycle and isolation under discharge.


For battery groups < 200Ah



Senses battery voltage and automatically setup for 12 V or 24 V mode.



Senses voltages of both battery banks.



The housing is watertight.



Terminal for external control light



Nominal voltage 12 V or 24 V

Continued rating 120 A

Excessive-/peak current 210/280 A

Combine voltage 30s (120s) 13,6 V (13,0 V)

Cut-off voltage 10s (30s) 12,4 V (12,8 V)

(for 24 V double values are applying)

Cut-off high voltage 16 V / 30 V

Power consumption 15 mA

Terminals 3/8” (M 10)

Dimensions L 99 x W 98 x H 48 mm

Protection IP67 (watertight 30 min)

ACR 12/24 Order-no.: 700107610


VSR 200


An active charging relay is used if you don`t want or cannot change the wiring to the alternator and you want to add a second battery group which has to be charged while the engine is running. The active charging relay detects if the alternator is running and the voltage rises and then it connects both battery groups together automatically. If the voltage drops under a certain threshold the batteries are separated automatically in order to prevent an unintentional discharging of the starter battery. Automatical metering and setup to 12 V- or 24 V operation mode.

  •  for battery groups > 200 Ah, emergency start function by remote button

  •  also useful as active load relay to activate certain loads only while the
     alternator is running.




VSR 200 Order-no.: 083112000

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