Plug connector for high duty

PC 65 Set

PC65Set PC65 PC

This connectors are designed for high current applications up to 65 A. They can be used for outboard engines, wind generators, solar panels, hydro generators or electric propulsions. The internal clip mechanism allows an easy connection: insert the dismantled cable, close the clip and fasten the housing - that`s it.!

  • The connector is watertight protection IP 68 while connected.
  • The locking mechanism avoids unintended disconnection of the connector.
  • A set consists of a coupling plug and a coupling socket for plus and negative. They are colour coded.
Cross sections6-16 mm2
Voltage max. 1.500  V DC
Current max. 65 A DC
Dimensions while connectedL 120 x l 35 mm




PC 65 Set Order-no.: 621790900

Info Manual

LB 80S / LB 80D / LB 80H


A plug connection in 2-pole version for special applications in the area of higher current up to 80 A. Contact may be crimped or soldered. Assembly in the housing is without fasteners. A hand grip is available as accessory. It can be fitted on the plug or socket part.

Nom. power80 A
Rated voltagemax. 96 V
Temperature range– 25...+ 90 °C
Connection diameter max. 25 mm²
Contact material E-Cu, versilbert
Connectioncrimpen (oder löten)
Protection typeIP23
Housing materialPA6...GF 30



LB 80S Coupling plug incl. hand grip Order-no.: 612098000

LB 80D Coupling socket Order-no.: 612108000

LB 80H Hand grip Order-no.: 617680000