Miniature connector outside use

Subminiatur-Rundsteckverbinder IP67

Kupplungsstecker Serie720 Kupplungsdose Kupplungsbuchse 5-polig Schutzkappe

Sub-miniature round plug connection with very small dimensions. 3 and 5 pole version. Usable for plug-in data processing in wind measurement, fluxgate compass equipment, etc.. Housing polyamide (PA 66). Soldered connection. Gold plated contacts. Max. cable clamp 4 - 6 mm. IP 67


Dimensions coupling plug, -socketL 57 x Ø 16 mm
Current in each contact (3 pole version)7 A
Current in each contact (5 pole version) 5 A

Coupling plug series 720, 3-pol. Order-no.: 491050303

Coupling socket series 720, 3-pol. Order-no.: 491060303

Coupling plug series 720, 5-pol. Order-no.: 491130305

Coupling socket series 720, 5-pol. Order-no.: 491140305

Schutzkappe Kupplungsstecker Order-no.: 425870000

Schutzkappe Kupplungsdose Order-no.: 425860000