Magnet connector for inside use

The newest technology in connectors is the MagCode system. A completely new and revolutionary plug. Contacts are connected and hold together with the power of magnetic force. As long as the plug and socket are not closed, the contacts are absent of power and prevent a short. Only after bringing both contact groups together will the circuit be closed again. The new MagCode connectors are available in voltage rates of 12 V and 24 V. The small fitting position allows a simple mounting in any problem space.

  • The system of a magnetic force allows a sure connection
  • A safety of operation, in case of vibrations or in heavy seas is important for an uninterruptible supply for telephone and laptop
  • The connection can be break off very quickly
  • An extreme flat connector system
  • An encoder prevents connection between 12 V and 24 V


Rated voltage12 V/24 V
Rated current16 A
Cable boretmax. max. 2,5 mm²
Contact surface silver alloy
Type of connection:screw
Temperature Temperature – 25...+ 85 °C
Housing materialplastics
Dimensions Ø 37 x L 84 mm x H 18 mm



MagCode-Plug 12V Order-no.: 600111012

MagCode-Plug 24V Order-no.: 600111024



Rated voltage 12 V / 24 V 
Rated current 16 A
Cable boret max. 2,5 mm²
Dimensions Ø 37 mm, Fitting hole Ø 28 mm, Depth 22 mm


Surface of flange socket is watertight!

MagCode-Socket 12V Order-no.: 600111112

MagCode-Socket 24V Order-no.: 600111124



MC-Clip MC

Easy to refit cap for MagCode sockets to protect against moisture and dirt.

Protective type (in closed condition) : IP 42.

MC-Clip Order-no.: 600119199