Battery Monitors

For monitoring the battery system, we offer battery monitors in two screen sizes, 2.4″ and 3.5″ These are full color touch monitors. The devices show the exact state of charge (SOC) of the service battery at any time. In addition, all relevant battery data such as current, voltage, remaining capacity and remaining operating time of the on-board battery as well as the voltage of two additional starter or extra battery banks can be read. Furthermore, data on battery use such as average depth of discharge (DOP), battery capacity that can no longer be used (SOH) and the number of charge/discharge cycles are recorded in the histoy of the device.
If the service battery falls below the adjustable capacity threshold or the additional batteries fall below the adjustable voltage thresholds, an acoustic alarm sounds and a corresponding warning appears on the display.

  • very high accuracy (max. 10mA) and large measuring range (10 mA – 300 A or 600A)
  • automatic battery full detection and correction of the charge factor
  • tracking of the effective battery capacity during cycle operation
  • Detailed information about battery usage like number of charge cycles and deep discharges, average depth of discharge, …
  • for use with all nominal battery voltages (12V/24V), also in mixed configuration if e.g. the starter battery is 12V and bord system voltage is 24V

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