Battery Chargers

The battery chargers of the ACE series represent the latest switching power supply technology in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Thus the self-heating of the devices could be minimized and the cooling requirement reduced. All devices up to an output current of 40A at 12V and 20A at 24V operate without a fan and thus largely noiseless, which represents a great gain in comfort, especially during operation at night near the bunk. A big advantage compared to other chargers is that the full charging power is delivered up to an ambient temperature of 55°C. This means that even in the Mediterranean environment the charger is available for use. This means that full power is available at all times, even in Mediterranean environments.

The charging characteristic can be selected on the device via internal DIP switches from 9 different characteristics. In addition, a winter storage mode and a power supply mode are available. An additional refresh function can be activated for battery maintenance.
An output charging current distributor integrated in the device allows the connection of up to 3 battery groups.
A power indicator and a two-color charge status indicator show the device status. An integrated color display is optionally available, standard equipment from ACE 12/60 and 24/30.
Connection option for a remote display. P-BUS interface from ACE 12/60 and 24/30, retrofitting possible for ACE 12/25, ACE 12/40 and ACE24/20.
Connection for a temperature sensor Temp-BT (included in delivery).
Can be used worldwide due to input voltage range 110-230 V


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