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The current operating instructions can be found under the heading "Products" for the respective product. If you need operating instructions for older products, please contact us by email.
For a first overview you will find the german version listet below


  • Batterie-Trenndioden BTR
  • Fernsteuerbare Hauptschalter FBR/TSA 260
  • Tiefentladeschutz TSA


  • Batterie - Controller BCM bis 06.2012
  • Batterie - Controller BCM (Modell 2006)
  • Batterie - Controller DCC 4000
  • Batterie - Lademonitor LCM
  • Durchflusssensor DFS
  • System-MonitorPSM(1) bis 2017
  • Tankmonitor TCM
  • Tankmonitor TCM (Ab 04.2006)
  • Tankmonitor TCM1 & TCM2
  • Tankmonitor TCM4
  • Tauchrohrgeber TRG

Battery charger

  • Autmatiklader Serie AL 12/10; 12/15; AL 24/8
  • Automatiklader Serie AL 12/30; 12/45; 12/60;AL 24/30; 24/60
  • Batterie - Lademonitor LCM
  • Bordlader pro Serie BL
  • Ladegeräte - Serie LG (15-30A)
  • Ladegeräte - Serie LG (50-80A)
  • Pulslader ALG12/20
  • Pulslader Serie ALG (40A)

Shore power

  • Bug-Heck-Umschalter LAE 241
  • Landanschluss LAE 116,118
  • Landanschluss LAE 235
  • Landanschluss LAE 430
  • Land-Generator-Umschalter LAE 122
  • Land-Generator-Umschalter LAE 242
  • Nockenschalter CA 211-251
  • Trenntransformator TTR


  • Steckverbinder Koaxial 694
  • Steckverbinder Radar 694


  • Bilgenpumpenautomatik BPA 101
  • Positionslampenelektronik POS 50 & 51
  • Stromkreisverteiler STV 100,300,500
  • Stromkreisverteiler STV 200


  • Lade-Wechselrichter C1600-12, C2600-24
  • Lade-Wechselrichter HPC 2800-12; HPC 4400-24
  • Lade-Wechselrichter XPC 1400-12, XPC 2200-24
  • Spannungs-Strombegrenzer SBM 12/20
  • Spannungs-Strombegrenzer SBM 24/16


In case you are not satisfied with the current functionality, a firmware update may help. Please contact us by e-mail which components you currently have in use, specifying the exact model name and serial number. Then we will send you the appropriate updates tailored to your needs.

Warranty / Repair

Here you can find information about our guarantee conditions.

All philippi products are repaired quickly and inexpensively in our repair center. Within the 24-month guarantee period, the devices will be repaired free of charge if there is a material or manufacturing defect.

Please note that your warranty claim will expire:

  • if you are not using your device as intended
  • if you open your device within the warranty period to carry out a self-repair

Repair process:

1. Contact our technical department by e-mail or by phone

2. Fill out the Online repair order, for this we need the following from you Information:

  • Your contact details
  • Your device details
  • Your warranty details
  • A detailed error description
3. Print out the repair documents and send them to us with the defective device. Pack the device securely for transport and enclose the repair order. For returns from third countries (Switzerland, Norway,…) please contact us in advance by phone to clarify the customs formalities.